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Legal Services

Crosby Law Offices provides the following legal services in Kentucky:

Real Estate Closings

If you’re Buying, Selling, Mortgaging or Refinancing real estate, that’s what we do. We will guide you through the process, point out the pitfalls and fix whatever problems arise. Title work has been the focal point of my practice for decades. We also handle less traditional conveyances, like Contracts for Deed, Owner Financing and Lease/Options.

Landlord / Tenant

I represent a number of clients in Forcible Detainer Court, better known as Evictions, and Appeals from Judgments in Forcible Detainer. Typically, I represent the landlord. However, if an injustice presents itself, I will represent the Tenant. For instance, I immediately took the case of a woman whose landlord was threatening to kill her cat. Suffice it to say, Tabby survived.

Foreclosure Defense

Helping people through rough times isn’t just a job, it’s a privilege.

Commissioner’s Sales

Seasoned investors know the benefit of contacting us to have titles run and secure the Deed from property sold by the Courts. Those interested in becoming seasoned investors have found my (hour long) tutorial, putting the process under a microscope, quite helpful.


Amassing wealth is important, but taking care of those you love is just as important. Living Wills and Health Care Surrogates help resolve future problems so your family and loved ones don’t. No one can determine your future care and make choices relating to your dignity better than you.

Powers of Attorney

Whether you need Specific Powers of Attorney to close on Real Estate or Durable Powers of Attorney as part of your Estate Planning, we can help.